About Me

My name is Erica and I'm 27 years young. I'm a New York girl at heart but currently reside in Massachusetts.  I recently graduated from nursing school as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, which is pretty amazing to me. I have decided to put my career on a hold to be a SAHM to 2 absolutely amazing kids, Yanicelis my princess which is 4 and Jowell my chunky prince which is 8 months. 

I am a proud military fiance and hope that someday soon I will be married to the soldier of my dreams. We met in 2007 but didn't start dating until January 6th 2010. Our relationship isn't perfect and I will not say that it is, but I do know that everyday we show each other love, affection and so much more. I will admit being a military fiance comes with times where we have to be apart, but he always comes back and there is no amount of distance that can break us apart. I'm head over heels for him.!!

These two little crazies have my entire heart, I have never loved a human being as much as I love these two. Yanicelis (pro-nounced: Jshon-uh-celly) is the most outgoing, friendly, rocking girl I have ever met. She is so kind hearted and cares about every single person she knows. Jowell has a personality like no other, such a mini goofball and has the cutest smile ever. I love being able to stay at home with them, teaching them new things and just sharing every moment with them. 

Now for a little bit of random facts:

1. I am very goofy
2. Bright, vibrant colors are amazing
3. Animal print makes me rawr.! LOL
4. Family means everything to me
5. Music sets the soul free
6. Chocolate = Love
7. Mani's + Pedi's are a girls dream
8. Photography sends me to my happy place
9. Hooah: nuff said LOL
10.  Kid at heart
11. Newest addiction: scarves
12. Coffee = my mojo
13. I'm a tattooed mama

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