Uhhhh I know, I have been neglecting to write new post and keeping this updated. I have been going through so much CRAPIOLA and just don't want to write about a bunch of craziness. So right now I will just fill in alittle bit of whats going on in the life of Mz. Dreamgirl. I bought a sidekick 08 a few months ago and the piece of crap just started randomly turning off when it wants to. The other day I restarted it and it would't load any further that the turn on screen and the thing crashed as if it was a computer.. WTF.?!!? yeah I know, stupid phone. On the bright side of that situation I did get a new phone & phone service outta the deal.. hehehehe

Other than the retard bipolar phone going completely bonkers. I have a graphics site on myspace and I had a customs page open for quite some time now BUT no custom galleries on anything that I do. So I have been working my BUTT off trying to make a gallery. I will post the link when its completely up and running, I make all sorts of myspace goods. I even make stuff or your own personal use.! I love doing this it keeps me sane and I've been wanting to get my customs site up and running so I figured... What the hey just do it already. LOL

I'm sorry for neglecting this I don't mean to and I promise to write more than I do now. =] 

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