"The Look"

About 3 yrs ago I was in a place called Job Corps. [Waste Of Time] My trade was security.. WHY cause I had plans.. Any who one day in class I'm just chillin and then walks in someone who wanted to introduce himself to me. I was NOT having it obviously cause I gave him what he calls "THE LOOK" hehehehe which means nigga, keep it moving.. Little did I know we would be a couple a few yrs later. I remember the day we got together as if it was yesterday.. HAhaHA and let me say its one of those one of a kind things. We got in touch with each other a few months before we actually started dating. I'm not gonna lie when he hit me up I was like WHOA, this is odee random we NEVER spoke in J.C.. So we exchanged numbers and it took me awhile to hit him up but, when I did we talked literally ALL day ALL night.!
So anyways we both wanted to be with each other just never came out and said it. We talked my entire birthday and for some reason started arguing the ENTIRE night... [so much for having a great b-day] Well he just came out "do you just want to be my girl" Im like are you serious or just joking around cause you say it then say well someday.. LOL He was like I'm serious do you just want to be my girl... My response yeah if your serious... =P Very odd way of happening BUT it did and it was great. 
We have had our up and downs since we've been together, we have split up a few times also but, in the end we keep coming back to each other. I don't know what it is about him but, he is a great guy. He can keep me smiling forever, he has this goofy crazy personality but, when it is time to be serious bout things he is. I love it.! I am very happy he has came into my life.  

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