Am I Wrong?!!?

I've come to realize awhile ago that no matter how hard you try to make things right it just never seems to work. What I mean by this is trying to make things right with either family, friends, or relationships. You can always do your part in this but, if the other person isn't doing there part then its never going to work. The other person has to want to make things better in order for things to get better.

You have all types of cruel people:

Person number 1: They just love getting all the attention they possible can from you and will thrive to have it. They will make you think that things are ok between you two so that they can get whatever it is that they want. They know you don't mean anything to them but, to them it doesn't matter because they will use you until there is nothing left. Its crazy to think this could be your family, your so called friend or even your spouse. They will manipulate you and suck you dry, taking everything and once its all gone.. POOF they're gone too.

Person number 2: They will be all happy and cheery in your face but, as soon as you turn your back the rumors start. They will be little people to you and twist every word that was spoken to make it seem like it was you who said all them horrible things. They will find out what ever they possibly can find out about you and then they start using it against you. They degrade you in anyway possible to make you feel worthless..

I can go on and on about certain kind of people and there messed up traits. I have come to notice though that those are coping mechanisms so that they don't feel so crappy about themselves. So am I wrong for being done with these people? Am I wrong for not wanting this apart of my life? Whether its family, friends, or even spouse.. When is it considered crossing the line? When is it time to let people go and move on with life? 

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