Care To Share... =]

Let me introduce myself:
The name is Erica and I'm 24 yrs young, born and raised in NY baby. My mom & dad totally rock and I'm so very grateful for everything that they have done for me. Im the oldest girl out of 8 kids.. YES I said 8 kids I have 5 brothers: John, Eddie, Dimitri, Anthony and Jamarr & I have 2 sisters: Maggie and Alyssa. Of course with having a HUGE family like this it got pretty chaotic and there was ALWAYS something exciting... we could've had our own MTV reality show.. LOL

I had a crazy childhood I'd say.. I have done my fair share of stupid things and gotten into some trouble. Have I learned from everything I've done wrong...Hmmmm Yeppers I have, cause I am NOT doing them anymore. THANK GOODIES. Well I left NY behind when I was 19 and moved to CT to be closer to my family. Had my fair share of fun and met a lot of great people whom I still talk to everyday. =] TUH so much for CT we all jumped on the MA bandwagon... Not long after the MA move I left for Job Corps to finish school plus a trade[dropped outta school @ 16]

While in J.C I found out I was pregnant with the most precious child EVER.!! I knew from the time I found out I was pregnant it was gonna be just her & I always but, as of now I wouldn't have it any other way. She's my pride & joy, my reason for breathing and what can I say she's changed my life. <3

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